Deeper Dive into Self Care with Brandie Mitchell RN, BSN, NC-BC, LMT

Lactation Business Coaching Deeper Dive
Course Description
Annie and Leah took a Deeper Dive into self care with Brandie Mitchell, RN, BSN, NC-BC, LMT. Brandie's guidance during this one-hour session will help you personalize your self-care plan, understand that self care encompasses physical, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of life, and will help you feel empowered and will, in turn, enhance your resilience to stress.  

Create your plan for self care.

This one-hour session starts with a 5-10 minute talk on self care and then, through the use of prompts, helps us to create individualized ideas for self care. Brandie guides us to analyze the recorded ideas and turn it into an actionable plan. 

Find what works for you.

If you listened to The Lactation Business Coaching's episode with Brandie, you know that you're not going to get a cookie cutter list of tips like "take a bath" or "drink some tea and journal." Brandie's all about helping you find out what will work for you in this specific moment with your specific challenges.
About Lactation Business Coaching
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Leah Jolly IBCLC + Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

We know that where there’s community, there’s power - and we wanted a place where lactation business owners could join in on authentic and candid conversations about what running a business in our industry really looked like.

If you’ve been looking for a place that doesn't feel like another “boss babe” business networking event, but instead a true connection with other lactation consultants cheering you on while offering their help and experience, our Deeper Dives are for you.
Meet Our Guest
Patrick Jones - Course author

Brandie Mitchell, RN, BSN, NC-BC, LMT

Brandie Mitchell, RN, NC-BC is a Board Certified Nurse Coach specializing in holistic, personalized health coaching for women who are ready to reclaim their health from autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, and fatigue. Additionally, she supports women during pregnancy and postpartum for a healthy and empowered transition into motherhood. Brandie partners with women and families to empower you to take ownership of your health, overcome anxiety and overwhelm, and move from where you are to where you want to be in your body, health, and life.
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