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Before submitting a support ticket, see if your question is answered here.

Access your purchases

All of your purchases can be found in the learning platform here. On this page you can view your purchases as a list, or use the search bar to find something specific. You can also enroll in any other offering that piques your interest. 

If you have purchased the Toolkit or the Deeper Dive subscription, all the components will show up separately in your account. 

Inside your account, you can change your email address, update your password, and manage your subscription.

If you're logged in, any product you have purchased will say "Continue" in the button at the very top of the course page. You can also click here to continue where you left off.

If you can't log in, try a password reset using any possible email you may have used when purchasing your product(s). When requesting a password reset, the reset email can arrive in spam/junk folders or in the Promotions tab, so be sure to check those locations.

I am pretty sure I did everything, but the course is still marked as incomplete.

You can go back through the timeline and see if you accidentally skipped a quiz. Completed lessons will have a black check mark next to them in the timeline. If the course has an instructor assessment, you won't be able to complete it until you have received feedback from the instructor.

I don't see something I know I purchased

If you don't see something you believe you have purchased, please do NOT repurchase anything twice. 

Make sure you are logged in & check all email address you might have used.

Try logging out (if you are logged in), clearing your cookies/cache, and then log back into the account.

If you made a purchase using ThriveCart, check that receipt to see what email you provided. Occasionally someone will put a typo here, and that's why the registration didn't carry over. You will need to contact us to fix it for you. If your ThriveCart receipt does have the correct email address, let us know as there is a softwar connection we need to repair.

Ask a question of Annie or one of the instructors

Check out our community area

There's a general area + each product has its own discussion area.

Please note that Annie will only answer content questions in the community area. You can @ her or anyone else by name! 

Help with a CERP certificate

If you feel like you've completed all of the content but can't download your certificate, check the sidebar to see if all of the lessons and assessments are checked off.

Some courses have lessons that are graded by the instructor, and you'll need to wait for them before your CERP certificate will be available.

Certificates are stored in your account for courses completed on this platform.

Expired CERP offerings will no longer be visible in your account but any certificate requested before the deadline will be in your account with lifetime access. 

We cannot help you with CERPs for expired courses unless you met the requirements prior to the expiration date.

Certificates for courses completed on prior platforms will be in your email. 

IntakeQ, Google Workspace, and Squarespace templates

Please use the form inside the course area to request the templates.

Requesting a scholarship

Scholarships may be available for those identifying as BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ or who are residing and practicing in countries designated by the World Bank as low or low middle income.

Please complete the application here.

Have a suggestion for a CERP offering?

I’m actively brainstorming new CERP offerings, and would love to know what you feel would serve you most at this stage in your practice. Share your idea here.
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