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Everything you need to run an efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable lactation private practice.
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"Confidence: Much improved! You have given me hope that this is, indeed, possible for my area and my skill level for PP! Workflow: that remains to be seen as the entire process is new to me since leaving the hospital environment. However, it is already peaceful and smooth compared to the processes at the hospital. Productivity: remains to be seen, but I anticipate less burn out!!"
— Janet Colson, IBCLC of Modern Lactation 
“I’m honestly not sure how a person could start a successful, HIPAA compliant, efficient business without the toolkit. It gave me answers I was seeking, but even more so it explained things I hadn’t even considered. Without the toolkit I would be taking legal risks, improperly billing, and in general have no idea what I’m doing. The toolkit has been as essential to my business as my heart is to my existence. ” 
—  Hannah Vaughan, RD, IBCLC 
“Buy it. Annie's toolkit is well worth it! The amount of information and resources you get is amazing. If you want to run your practice properly, the toolkit will give you the information you need in order to do it. ”
— Liz Saville, BAS, IBCLC, Beyond the Latch Lactation Support

Toolkit FAQ

Where do I find the Toolkit?

On your My Purchases page, you'll see each individual product included in the Toolkit. You'll access each one individually. 

When I add a new product to the Toolkit it will show up in your account automatically. So easy!

Can I share this with my partner/intern/student/colleague/anyone else?

The purchase is for a single user only. Please purchase a license upgrade if you’re in a group practice and we will grant access to the other members of your group.

Getting your private practice organized

Whether you're brand new to private practice or you've been doing this for awhile, this email is going to teach you which Toolkit resources will help you create your infrastructure and processes for your business.

This first section outlines all the essential elements you'll need to build a solid infrastructure for your private practice.
This chapter is all about getting you set up with the right devices you'll need for client communications and practice management. FYI--most of the chapters on the individual platforms in the second half of this book have been updated, so if you're jumping ahead to work on a specific platform, use the included module and not the chapter from the book.
Policies and Procedures WorkbookOpen this up so you can start working on it as you go through the Toolkit.

Consent for care, payment policies, and social media

Before you even start seeing clients, it's a great idea to make decisions about how you're going to protect yourself and your clients. If you're already working with families, use this section as review to see if there are any places where you'd like to optimize what you're already doing.
The Consent for Care document has been reviewed by an attorney. You are welcome to use it in full; you may not post it publicly on your website. In a later email you'll be incorporating it into your workflow, but for now, read it through, run it by your own attorney if you want, personalize it with your name, and make any changes you need.
Payment policies are also included with the Consent for Care. You're going to customize them with your fees and personal policies. 
The Payment Policies include a disclaimer you can use if you plan to offer payment processing through SquareUp.
Familiarize yourself with the Photo Release, and consider including the Initial Photo Request in your consent for care.
Use this resource to develop your approach to social media, such as Facebook etiquette to running a mailing list.
Policies and Procedures
Continue working on your Policies and Procedures with everything you've learned 

Communications and client privacy

You have an ethical responsibility to protect client privacy. In many countries, you're also going to have a legal responsibility as well. While my resources are US- and Canada- specific, the general principals of privacy I'm teaching you are designed to take the highest, most client-centered view of privacy regardless of specific legislation.
Read "Configuring Your Office" in Paperless Private Practice
This chapter teaches you how to incorporate privacy protection into your infrastructure.
For an overview of your options for secure messaging and telemedicine, this chart will give you some pros, cons, and recommendations for several platforms.
Policies and Procedures Workbook
Now's a great time to make sure that you're writing everything down in your workbook.

Figuring out your tech

For some of you, this is going to be the most fun part of working on your private practice. Or maybe that's just me--I love systems and processes and software. 
But if that's not you--don't worry! I've got you. I've developed all my tech trainings for people at all skill and comfort levels. 
Read "Choosing a Platform" in Paperless Private Practice
This chapter will give you an overview of what it means to use a paperless charting system in your practice. 
I keep all my latest thoughts and ideas on paperless charting systems here. 
This spreadsheet gives you a top level overview of the systems mentioned in the blog post. 
Individual Training Modules & Charting Templates
Once you've chosen your platform, you can use the training module for that platform to configure your system. 

Web presence and marketing

All businesses today need a web presence, so this lesson shows you how the Toolkit can help you present your best self to the world.
This document contains attorney-reviewed language that you are permitted (and encouraged) to post on your website. I ask that you please take note that you’re supposed to include a copyright notice that reads something like © 2023 ANNIE IBCLC INC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 
Read "Running Your Private Practice" in Start to Strong
This chapter is all about day-to-day operations. Having a solid understanding of how your business will work is going to help you develop your website content.
Read "Optimizing Your Private Practice" in Start to Strong
Use this chapter to learn tips and ideas for sharing your awesomeness with the world.

Watch How to Run an Outpatient Consult 
This one-hour training goes through all of the elements you'll include in a consult.

Ready, set, be awesome

Here are some final pieces to finish up this email series for you.
Access the Resource Collection of Client Friendly Links for Breastfeeding Professionals through the link in that section of your bundle. You'll use these resources to build your protocols for your clients. These resources are constantly being updated and if you find something you think should be added, want more resources on any topic, or discover a broken link, email
Incorporate these into your charting platform.
In the Consent for Care packet, you'll find a form you can import into G-Suite to collect testimonials from all the happy clients I know you're going to have. Trust me--you've got this.
Peek inside

Your private practice infrastructure--basically done for you.

I’ve worked out all the confusing kinks of setting up a professional and streamlined lactation private practice and systemized everything so you don’t have to struggle like I did. This toolkit is what I wish I would’ve had when I was starting out!

All you need to add is YOU.

Ready to nurture your private practice and expand the circle of care for families now and for years to come?
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"GET IT!!!!! It takes time to go through and is not all easy, but hey, you are starting a business so not everything will be easy, but you give great tools and support. There is also reassurance that there are upgrades for life. I highly recommend your toolkit for anyone new or seasoned."
Sabrina Granniss, IBCLC, RLC Nurture By Nature Holistic Lactation
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