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Group Practice Contracts

If you’re looking to hire other lactation consultants or breastfeeding workers to perform clinical or educational services on behalf of your company, or if you need to hire an admin or biller to help you keep track of it all, then these contract templates will give you what you need to get your necessary agreements in place. 
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What’s included

  • Group Practice Contract-Lactation Consultant (US)
  • Group Practice Contracts-Admin or Biller (US)
  • Subcontractor Agreement Admin (Canada)
  • Subcontractor Agreement Lactation (Canada)

Suitable for use in the United States and Canada.


Our customers say 

Annie’s products are thorough, detailed, and information packed. Your money will be well-spent and many hours saved by not having to reinvent the wheel!

Katie, CLC

If you are worried about the content and whether it is worth your investment… because we are constantly being sold things we don’t need…don’t do it here. Everything from Annie Frisbie is golden. She is not only helping folks gain access to the tools they need, she is making sure that there is equitable access.

Jayne Carpenter (she/her) CBS, LC, Peer Counselor

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