Deeper Dive into Marketing
with Shondra Mattos IBCLC

Lactation Business Coaching Deeper Dive
Course Description
Ethical marketing strategies with website designer, SEO maven, and business strategist Shondra Mattos IBCLC.
About Lactation Business Coaching
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Leah Jolly IBCLC + Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

We know that where there’s community, there’s power - and we wanted a place where lactation business owners could join in on authentic and candid conversations about what running a business in our industry really looked like.

If you’ve been looking for a place that doesn't feel like another “boss babe” business networking event, but instead a true connection with other lactation consultants cheering you on while offering their help and experience, our Deeper Dives are for you.
Meet Our Guest
Patrick Jones - Course author

Shondra Mattos IBCLC

Shondra Mattos is an IBCLC, Entrepreneur & Speaker who delivers progressive, up-to-date lectures that challenge the current standard of Lactation Care. She is widely regarded as the go-to source for those looking for clear, understandable clinical knowledge. 

Shondra founded Lactnerd LLC and launched Lactnerd Learning, a platform that helps healthcare providers gain knowledge while conquering the intimidation of learning the complex science of Lactation. 

Through her companies- Lactnerd & Mattos Lactation - she provides tools, resources, education & mentoring to aspiring and established lactation professionals across the USA. 

Ready to start learning?

As is the case with many IBCLCs, I’m good at lactation but not marketing. It was great to hear from someone who knows both and get real life advice. I took a lot of notes with all the speakers’ great ideas. Thank you!
Mary Allers-Korostynski RN BSN IBCLC 
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