Deeper Dive into the Latest on Bottles and Nipples with Rachel O'Brien MA, IBCLC

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Products for parents are always changing so we're calling on bottle consult expert Rachel O'Brien MA, IBCLC to give us the update and the lowdown. Bust myths with one of our favorite guests!
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Leah Jolly IBCLC + Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

We know that where there’s community, there’s power - and we wanted a place where lactation business owners could join in on authentic and candid conversations about what running a business in our industry really looked like.

If you’ve been looking for a place that doesn't feel like another “boss babe” business networking event, but instead a true connection with other lactation consultants cheering you on while offering their help and experience, our Deeper Dives are for you.
Meet our Guest
Patrick Jones - Course author

Rachel O'Brien, MA, IBCLC

Rachel O'Brien is an IBCLC with a MA in human lactation who runs a busy private practice in Boston and specializes in bottle refusal. She began her specialization in bottle refusal in 2019 and when the pandemic hit Rachel realized that bottle refusal had become a much more widespread feeding problem. Rachel developed a method for teaching parents how to re-frame their baby's "bottle refusal" and to work with their baby instead of against them. Rachel does 1:1 bottle refusal visits both in her office and virtually, and has worked with families across the USA and internationally. Rachel has presented on bottle refusal at national conferences and is known among parents and other professionals as a bottle wizard.

Our last Dive with Rachel was a hit 

I am so glad that an IBCLC is willing to discuss bottles. A vast majority of our clients are using bottles and by making the topic a taboo in the IBCLC community helps no one in the end. It seems it is normally brought up with a whisper and fear of being reprimanded, but when you teach like Rachel O'Brien does, which is non-bias and without featuring a specific brand, we all benefit and can go on to also educate our clients about bottles. 

Michelle Buckley IBCLC

Rachel has always been my go-to for concise, ethical, compassionate education about bottle feeding, which is so necessary when families are dealing with what is often a very stressful time. It's wonderful to be able to obtain a deeper knowledge of many of these facts to be better able to support these families during my consults. 

Johanna Sargeant, BEd, BA, IBCLC

I have read Rachel O'Brien's blogs one bottle use, and send my clients to these blogs as this is one of my strengths I am developing. Being able to hear more from her, and being reminded about certain aspects of compliance with the Who Code and our Scope of practice was also a bonus. Thanks for getting this together Annie & Leah! R. 

Joanna Jaquette RN, IBCLC
I love that we have the option to interact and talk directly with the presenters. I feel so inspired. Thank you!
Ali Reynolds, IBCLC, CLC
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