Deeper Dive Into Educating Families About Bottles with Rachel O'Brien, MA, IBCLC

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Educating families about bottles is within the scope of practice for the IBCLC. And despite what some will say, it's NOT against the WHO Code to do so. Rachel O'Brien MA, IBCLC is our guest this month for our Deeper Dive into Private Practice. Join the conversation hosted by Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC and Leah Jolly IBCLC of the Lactation Business Coaching Podcast. This is your chance to ask all 3 of us anything!

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Learners say...

Rachel was great at explaining the do's and dont's of bottle teaching and also sharing some insight on what type of nipples may work better for certain kiddos and palates. It's nice knowing that you CAN talk about bottles as long as you're able to not promote one specific kind, purchased at full price and have no persuasion from any outside source. Great chat!
Alexandra Strouse, RN
Already have learned so much just from this deeper dive, I was one of the CLC's who was previously uncomfortable discussing bottles or formula for fear of code violation. It is so true that the families seeking our care are the ones who will likely require or be helped by some sort of supplementation. Learning about the anatomical reasons for bottle refusal also helped my understanding of properly educating families and assessing a breast/chestfeeding latch!
Elaine House, MS, CLC
I loved this deeper dive. I have read Rachel O'Brien's blogs one bottle use, and send my clients to these blogs as this is one of my strengths I am developing. Being able to hear more from her, and being reminded about certain aspects of compliance with the Who Code and our Scope of practice was also a bonus. Thanks for getting this together Annie & Leah!
R. Joanna Jaquette RN, IBCLC
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Leah Jolly IBCLC + Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

We know that where there’s community, there’s power - and we wanted a place where lactation business owners could join in on authentic and candid conversations about what running a business in our industry really looked like.

If you’ve been looking for a place that doesn't feel like another “boss babe” business networking event, but instead a true connection with other lactation consultants cheering you on while offering their help and experience, our Deeper Dives are for you.
Meet the Instructor
Patrick Jones - Course author

Rachel O'Brien, MA, IBCLC

Rachel is a IBCLC in Massachusetts whose popular blog is a favorite of both families and lactation professionals. Her signature style of humor laced with pragmatic compassion and guilt-free support has resonated with hundreds of thousands of readers and has led to a busy full-time private practice which includes virtual visits with blog readers from across the world.

Before her foray into lactation-land Rachel received her BA in English with a Journalism concentration and then worked in higher education for years. She became an IBCLC in 2015 after completing her Masters degree in lactation, during which she wrote her dissertation on low milk supply. Rachel was a full-time working, breastfeeding and pumping mom for all three of her children and now specializes in low supply, bottle refusal and bottle feeding problems, working parents, and LGBTQ+ families. 

When not working with families you will find Rachel reading lactation books, taking lactation courses, and fervently posting in lactation Facebook groups. Her hobbies include reading, watching drag shows, and staring blankly off into the distance while she wonders what she’s forgetting to do.
Great team. Perfect duo to teach!
Rita Bixby, IBCLC
Knowledge Gap
How to meet the needs of families who are using bottles to feed their babies.


Evaluate the ethics of marketing bottle consults to families.


Social media dos and don'ts.


Providing individualized, goal-centered care to all families.
IBLCE Outline
VI. 7 - Refusal of breast, bottle
VII. A1 - Feeding Devices
VII. E2 - Advocate for compliance with World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes (WHO Code)
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