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It’s time to nurture your private practice + expand the circle of care.

Whether you’re just starting out, need to adjust or pivot your current practice, or want to expand and explore new opportunities, there’s something here that will help you today.
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Tools for Private Practice

Charting templates, attorney-reviewed legal forms, policies and procedures, website design, and so much more. Bundled with the Toolkit or available a la carte!

CERPs for IBCLC Recertification

Developed specifically to support the unique clinical needs of private practice lactation consultants.

Live & Recorded Coaching

Monthly Deeper Dives with guest experts featuring the hosts of the Lactation Business Podcast, Annie Frisbie & Leah Jolly.
"All of the content I have gotten from Annie is top notch and you will not be disappointed with the purchase of the toolkit. It is hands-down one of the best business investments I have made."
-- Natalie Swart BS, IBCLC, CLE, LCP

I’m Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC

I offer tools, guidance and continuing education for the private practice lactation consultant looking to nurture their business to expand the circle of care for the families they serve.

The Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit

Turn your passion for supporting families in their lactation and feeding goals into a thriving private practice with comprehensive training and fully customizable templates.
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Join the Conversation

Join Annie & Leah from the Lactation Business Coaching Podcast + a special guest each month for a 1 hour conversation about nurturing your private practice. You'll get the recording if you can't make it live--but the deeper dives are always better with you!
If you’re just starting out in lactation private practice, the toolkit is a must have. There are so many things to organize and things I didn’t realize I needed to do to make sure I have a high quality website and that all of my platforms are HIPAA compliant. Annie Frisbie covers it all! Highly recommend!
— Meghan Whitman, RN, BSN, IBCLC
The Toolkit is the gift that keeps on giving. As a hospital-based IBCLC transitioning to private practice, the Toolkit has given me everything I need, plus a bunch of things I didn't know I needed! Annie's templates and instructions are thorough, comprehensive and easy to understand. 
— Sharon Berger, RN, IBCLC
This has everything you could think of and all of the things that you can’t to help you setup your private practice! I would highly recommend this to any lactation professional who is just starting out who wants to go paperless from the start. 10/10, Thanks Annie!!!
— Jennifer Brown, CBS

Upcoming Live Sessions


Clinical, ethical, and research-based trainings, on-demand and instantly available.

What our learners say

You have put so much effort into making this FANTASTIC tool for us private practice IBCLCs. I recommend this to every single person that wants to be a private practice IBCLC!
Britainy Collins, IBCLC
The toolkit was the difference between me having a private practice and not having one. It would have taken me a few years in practice to get to the point Annie starts you at right out the gate. Worth it 100% 
Brooklynn Gonzales RN, BSN, IBCLC

Lactation Private Practice Essential Bundles

Tools for Private Practice

Attorney reviewed forms, charting templates, policies and procedures, and more.

Insurance Trainings

Deeper Dives

On-demand recordings of our live monthly sessions focused on business growth, mindset, and clinical management of lactation and infant feeding in a private practice setting.

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