Building Relationships through Weaning

Jen Deshaies, IBCLC
Course description
As outpatient lactation consultants, clients often seek information on weaning both for intentional and not intentional weaning circumstances- and for all ages/stages. By understanding the complex emotions and relationships (with the child, with their self, with their partner/support people and with their care team), we can better guide the families we work with to feel settled and confident. 
This session will outline implementation strategies to navigate all types of weaning circumstances, teach how we can build our communication skills and strengthen the menu of options to present to our clients. 
Meet the Instructor

Jen Deshaies, IBCLC

After working as a transportation planner for 10 years, Jen knew she wanted to make a career change. Becoming a private practice IBCLC incorporated all of things she loved: teaching in small group settings, breastfeeding, helping families feel supported and get to a better place, birth, a passion for learning, focus on parenting and a flexible schedule to allow plenty of time to be home with her kids. 
The journey from helping friends breastfeed to becoming a (now retired) La Leche League Leader and a birth & postpartum doula gave her experience to create a business that brings her much joy. Jen lives in Syracuse, NY with her husband and two kids.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learners say 

I really enjoyed this webinar on weaning. Jen did a wonderful job highlighting the emotional part of weaning, which I think sometimes can get overlooked.

Julie Tower, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Very clearly presented info that is so important!

Jessica DeAses RN IBCLC

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Knowledge Gap
Strategies for helping our clients navigate the weaning process in all circumstances and at all ages, with a focus on the transformation of the relationships that happen during and after weaning.


List at least 10 ways to focus on relationship building with a child while weaning at any age for any reason.


Identify at least 5 strategies to use when intentionally weaning a child 1 year and up.


Discuss at least 10 concepts to consider in guide the relationship with yourself during the weaning process for all ages and reasons.
IBLCE Content Outline
V. 5 Weaning

Course Lessons

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