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The Right Stuff: Selecting Tools and Supplies for Home & Office Consults

Rachel O'Brien, MA, IBCLC, RLC
Course description
So few of us get to spend time with other private practice IBCLCs before we start our own businesses. How do you make sure you have what you need to help families during a consult? What’s essential, and what is just extra plastic taking up space in your office or visit bag? Should you have formula on hand? What about scales? 

Based on Rachel’s popular blog series for IBCLCs, we will start with a quick discussion on conflict of interest and the WHO code. Then we’ll jump in to the most useful tools to have on hand for lactation consults- both items for the family to use and things that will aid you in assessment, organization and charting.
Meet the Instructor

Rachel O'Brien, MA, IBCLC, RLC

Rachel is a IBCLC in Massachusetts whose popular blog is a favorite of both families and lactation professionals. Her signature style of humor laced with pragmatic compassion and guilt-free support has resonated with hundreds of thousands of readers and has led to a busy full-time private practice which includes virtual visits with blog readers from across the world.

Before her foray into lactation-land Rachel received her BA in English with a Journalism concentration and then worked in higher education for years. She became an IBCLC in 2015 after completing her Masters degree in lactation, during which she wrote her dissertation on low milk supply. Rachel was a full-time working, breastfeeding and pumping mom for all three of her children and now specializes in low supply, bottle refusal and bottle feeding problems, working parents, and LGBTQ+ families. 

When not working with families you will find Rachel reading lactation books, taking lactation courses, and fervently posting in lactation Facebook groups. Her hobbies include reading, watching drag shows, and staring blankly off into the distance while she wonders what she’s forgetting to do.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learners say 

The information Rachel provided was very thorough and included somethings I would have never thought of. If i ever offer in person consults, I will have a great list of thing to have on hand!

Jessi Sletten, CLC, PMH-C

Very helpful for planning my in home visit bag.

Kimberly Greer, RN, IBCLC Ehrendorfer

She was great! Very concise and well presented. Thank you! 

Christa Brown, RN, IBCLC

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Knowledge Gap
This presentation will assist learners in selecting tools and supplies to have on hand for use during lactation consultations.


Discover how to minimize conflict of interest while choosing tools to use with families during lactation consults. Examples of COI will be provided.


Learn which tools will be most useful for the families you work with, depending on the demographics, feeding choices and lifestyles of the clients you serve. Tools discussed will include nipple shields, breast pumps and pump accessories, bottles and teats, teaching aids, and more.


Discuss tools for charting including both paper and electronic options and learn to select items based on efficiency and patient privacy.
IBLCE Content Outline
IV. 5 Gel dressings/nipple creams
V. 5 Family lifestyle
VI. 5 Milk Expression
VI. 7 Refusal of Breast, Bottle
VI. 9 Test Weighing
VII. A. 1-8 Equipment & Technology (all) 
VII. B. 3 Care Plan Development and Sharing

Course Lessons

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