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The Lactation Corporation: Creating the Structure for Optimal Function

Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC and Leah Jolly, IBCLC
Course description
This session will explore business structures for lactation private practice. Learn how the right business structure will help you operate ethically and meet your legal obligations.
Meet the Instructors

Annie Frisbie MA, IBCLC and Leah Jolly, IBCLC

Annie Frisbie is the author of Paperless Private Practice for Lactation Consultants and Lactation Private Practice: From Start to Strong. She is the creator of the Lactation Private Practice Essential Toolkit and a self-professed privacy and technology nerd.

Leah Jolly, IBCLC is the owner of a thriving group practice in Houston, TX and runs a lactation clinic through a pediatric office. She presents regularly on breastfeeding and lactation to families and professionals, and facilitates corporate lactation programs for several large corporation in the Houston area.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learners say 

I found the Lactation Business Coaching Podcast early on in the start of my journey to becoming an IBCLC. I have been hooked on anything ever since! I call "Liquid Gold", just like our beloved breast milk!!

Kelly Telfer, BSN, RN, IBCLC

This presentation was extremely helpful! Some things I knew but wasn't sure how to go about doing them.

KatieAnn McKee, RN, IBCLC

Leah and Annie were a great team! I enjoyed what they each brought to the training.

Jessi Sletten, CLC, PMH-C

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Knowledge Gap
Lactation training to qualify for the exam does not include education on ethical business practices.


Understand different legal structures for clinical practice


Describe how an ethical business structure protects you and your clients


Understand how to find applicable privacy and tax laws and apply them ethically to your private practice
IBLCE Content Outline
VII. B. 4 Documentation 
VII. B. 9 Empowerment 
VII. C. 3 Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)
VII. C. 4 Principles of Confidentiality

Course Lessons

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