0.5 L-CERP + 1.5 E-CERPs + 2 CEUs

Stand By Me: Informed Consent and Collaborative Lactation Care Plans

Bryna Hayden, IBCLC

Course description
Informed consent is a common refrain in birth work, but it is often poorly taught, and poorly understood. This talk delves into the intricacies of autonomy, informed consent, collaboration, and multi-vocality in the goal-setting and plan creation processes. Together, we will explore the impacts of the concepts of "compliance" and move together through the ideas of "concordance" as a progressive and effective alternative approach to care. 
Meet the Instructor

Bryna Hayden, IBCLC

Bryna has been an IBCLC since 2010, and has been working with families as a doula and lactation counselor since 2006. They have undertaken additional training and continuing education in the areas of oral restriction management, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), Primitive Reflexes in infants, TummyTime™, cultural congruency and competency, and counseling strategies. Bryna is also certified in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (infant and adult). In their doula work, they specializes in high risk and surgical birth. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learners say 

This speaker understood the assignment, as they say. Bryna was easy to follow and their presentation was so rich in detail, but not overwhelmingly so.
Lauren Fisher, IBCLC

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Knowledge Gap
The purpose of this training is to address the key steps to successfully forming and sustaining support groups which meet the needs of its intended audience.


Define and outline the terms and theories of informed consent, autonomy, patient-centered care, trauma-informed care, and concordance. 


Illustrate the process of a multi-vocal lactation consult that includes patient-centered care, trauma-informed care, patient autonomy, collaborative goal-setting, and concordance in the care plan creation.


Identify the differences between patient compliance and concordance. 
IBLCE Content Outline
V. 4 Employment - Returning to work
V. 5 Family Lifestyle
V. 7 Maternal Mental Health
VII. A. 7 Communications Technology
VII. B. 1 Active Listening
VII. B. 2 Anticipatory Guidance
VII. B. 3 Care Plan development and sharing
VII. B. 4 Documentation
VII. B. 8 Emotional Support
VII. B. 9 Empowerment
VII. C. 3 Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)
VII. C. 4 Principles of Confidentiality
VII. D. 3 Use research to help develop policies and protocols

Course Lessons

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