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Respectful Care, Implicit Bias and the Maternal Child Health Crisis

Dr. Nastassia Harris, RN, DNP, IBCLC
Course description
All families deserve respectful care. Implicit bias and delivery of respectful care are closely tied. Since implicit bias is a learned behavior, we can unlearn that behavior. We can bring awareness to bias by introducing the concept to student nurses. The Harvard implicit bias assessment is a great introductory tool to set the foundation for further learning and exploration of the various implicit biases. Student nurses must recognize that the inability to recognize issues such as pain and birth complications are the greatest contributors to preventable deaths in maternal morbidity and mortality. As part of this webinar, learners will be presented with real word experiences of how implicit bias shows up in clinical care and methods to transition towards cultural humility.
Meet the Instructor

Dr. Nastassia Davis, RN, DNP, IBCLC

Dr. Davis is a registered nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consult with over 16 years of experience. She has dedicated the last 3 years of her life to making an impact on Black infant and Maternal health in New Jersey. She is an advocate and nurse researcher passionate about changing the narrative.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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Learners say 

 So informative on the biases that we have within our country, whether we know of them or not. It's unreal how prevalent they are! I finished this last night and was already able to utilize points and tricks from it in my practice today! 

-Alexandra, RN, BSN (Soon to be CLC & IBCLC)

I learned so much from this well prepared presentation. It helps me know where to go next to check my own biases. 

-Susan Manore, IBCLC, RLC

Best talk so far, very relevant and even helped me as an African American lactation consultant. I wish my coworkers could listen. This should be required training

- Latonia, IBCLC
Knowledge Gap
Community workers are often the first provider to work with a family post-delivery and have the potential to have a significant role in not only providing expert clinical lactation support but also in the protection of mental health and preventing maternal mortality and morbidity. The inability to recognize implicit bias which has direct link to respectful care will have an impact on establishing trust, early recognition of important clinical cues, and initiation of referrals among other concerns


Define implicit bias & respectful care


List ways in which they can unlearn their biases


Learn how implicit bias impacts nursing schools


Explain the difference between cultural competency and cultural humility.
IBLCE Content Outline
V. 12 - Cultural competency
VII. B1 - Active listening
VII. B8 - Emotional support

Course Lessons

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