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Investigating Recurrence of Plugged Ducts, Nipple Blebs, and Mastitis

Christine Staricka, BS, IBCLC, RLC, FILCA
Course description
Recurrence of plugged ducts, nipple blebs, and mastitis appears to be increasingly common among lactating people presenting to IBCLCs for care. These issues can result in discomfort or pain, disruption of milk flow and eventually compromise of milk production, alteration from original feeding method intentions and plans, negative feelings about lactation, risk of early or unintended weaning, and even serious medical complications. Strong investigative skills are required in order to uncover the root cause of such a recurrence, as well as to create not only a short-term plan for resolving the current problem, but also a long-term plan to address and mitigate the root cause. 
Because many parents seek support with these problems from peers and online/social media sources before they seek help from an IBCLC, they may have already experienced several instances of these issues and managed them with suboptimal treatments or even costly nutritional supplements recommended by others. IBCLCs must be prepared to assess thoroughly with a strong understanding of all the possible routes of disruption of physiologic lactation and to assist clients with managing an acute occurrence while helping them to create a multi-pronged plan to resolve and/or eliminate the root cause of recurrent plugged ducts, nipple blebs, and mastitis. 
Meet the Instructor

Christine Staricka, BS, IBCLC, RLC, FILCA

Christine Staricka is a Registered, International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and trained childbirth educator. As the host of The Lactation Training Lab Podcast, her current role focuses on training and coaching current and aspiring lactation care providers. 
Christine created and developed The First 100 Hours© concept, an early lactation framework designed to support lactation care providers with the knowledge and mindset they need to help families optimize early lactation.Christine worked as a hospital-based IBCLC for 10 years and has over 21 years experience providing clinical lactation care and support. She provides clinical lactation care to families at Baby Café Bakersfield and serves as its Director.Christine recently completed 6 years of service on the Board of the United States Lactation Consultant Association (USLCA.) She holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Phoenix. She has been married for 28 years, lives in California, and is the proud mother of 3 amazing daughters.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learners say 

Great session. Concise and easy to follow. Great review of the literature. 

-Leah Segura. IBCLC

Great, short evidence-based summary of the topic. Thank you!

-Amanda Lea Watkins IBCLC

This will definitely impact my practice. 

- Tiffani Dickerson RN-IBCLC

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Knowledge Gap
IBCLCs need to be able to assess a client presenting with recurrent plugged ducts, nipple blebs, and/or mastitis with an understanding of practices and routines which may be contributing to their occurrence while also assisting the client to create both a short-term and long-term list of strategies to address the symptoms and resolve the root causes.


Identify 3 symptoms of recurring milk stasis or breast inflammation


Identify 3 potential causes - Investigate


Describe 4 steps to manage and prevent further recurrence
IBLCE Content Outline
II B1. Hormonal influence of milk production
III. B. 6 Mastitis
III. B. 7 Milk supply, low or over
III. B. 8 Nipple and breast conditions

Course Lessons

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