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50 Shades of Gray: Mandated Reporting as a Lactation Professional

Chanelle Andrews, IBCLC, CBS
Course description
"By 1967, 49 states had passed child abuse laws with a mandatory reporting requirement, which were additionally expanded with the 1973 passage of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act." (Mical Raz, MD, PhD) The purpose of the Act was to legally require those who worked closely with children to report any suspicion of child maltreatment to child services.
 As a result of this Act, thousands of calls are fielded daily from mandated reporters in an effort to provide protection and support for one of the most vulnerable populations. But what does it mean to be "mandated?" What part do you play in the protection and safety of the families you serve? This presentation will give you more information about your role as a lactation professional and encourage you to become familiar with the laws in your service area.
Meet the Instructor

Chanelle Andrews, IBCLC, CBS

Chanelle is a stay at home wife and mom of two. After facing many challenges while breastfeeding her son for a year, including a less than stellar lactation consultant experience, an overactive letdown, and milk overflowing with lipase, she was determined to have a different experience with her daughter.
After googling more than google could handle and living part time on breastfeeding websites like Kelly-Mom, she realized with her second child, knowledge is power. With this newfound power she was able to nurse and pump for her daughter for 15 months. Through her experiences with breastfeeding, she became the go-to expert in her group, which led to the realization that perhaps lactation consulting and helping Black breastfeeding families could be a career. She was a guest on the Lactation Business Coaching Podcast here.
This “Titty Tech™ ” can be found operating her private practice, Hey Mama Lactation and Perinatal Care, in Southern New Jersey. She is also a member of the New Jersey Breastfeeding Coalition, La Leche League, and a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor. When she’s not talking boobs, babies, and breastmilk, she enjoys baking and binge watching Hulu and Netflix.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learners say 

This course helped me feel more competent and clear about my role as a mandated reporter. 

Rebecca McCann, RN, IBCLC

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Knowledge Gap
Private practice lactation professionals may not be aware of the mandated report requirement in their states as well as what information is required for filing a report. 


Learners will be able to describe their role as a mandated reporter.


Learners will be able to describe the indicators of abuse and neglect of a child.


Learners will be able to describe the information necessary to file a report to child services in their service area.
IBLCE Content Outline
V. 6 Identifying support networks
V. 9 Mother-baby relationship
V. 12 Cultural competency
VII. B. 4 Documentation
VII. C. 3 Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)

Course Lessons

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