7 L-CERPs + 7 CPEUs

Infant Guts & Butts: Stooling and Digestion for Lactation Consultants

Shondra Mattos, IBCLC

The Poop on Baby Poop

If you want to know why some baby poops look like spinach and others like bacon grease, or if you want to find out all about the different pathologies that can affect the infants digestive system, then this course is for you!

Lactnerd(TM) Shondra Mattos has developed seven full hours that will equip you to support families from normal digestion through the most complicated unicorn conditions.
Meet the Instructor

Shondra Mattos, IBCLC

As an entrepreneur, Shondra Mattos IBCLC does more than support owners of tricky nips. With over six years of experience in implementing business fundamentals in her own private practice, she is obsessed with finding innovative ways for budding lactation practices to build strong foundations.

While by day Shondra does Marketing, Branding, SEO, and Website Dev, she moonlights as a mom to her 5-year-old daughter and wife to her husband. Her passion includes drowning in lactation studies, binging youtube, and overeating cookies, most times simultaneously.
Patrick Jones - Course author

IBLCE Content Outline

IA2 Feeding behaviours at different ages
IA3 Infant anatomy and anatomical/oral challenges
IA10 Skin tone, muscle tone, reflexes
II9 Stooling and voiding
IIIA4 Congenital anomalies (e.g., gastrointestinal, cardiac)
IIIA5 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), reflux
IIIA7 Infant acute disease (bacterial, viral, fungal, systemic)
Shondra Mattos has no actual or potential declarations to make in relation to this program.

Course Content

Learners say 

I learned more than I ever thought could be known about digestion in a fun and interactive way.

Joy Hunt Johnson, RN, BSN, IBCLC

So informative and also validating to hear that so many of the concerns brought forth by families about abnormal stooling patterns are, in fact, valid! The in depth dive into the anatomy and neuro links to GI function was very helpful to understand the symptoms underlying many GI disorders. Especially helpful were pictures of normal vs. abnormal stools!

Jeanne Pichoff, LOTR, CLT, CLC

Guts and Butts is well worth your time. You will gain a great deal of information about digestion and stooling. Shondra is a delight and very knowledgeable. Thank you!

Mindy Werth, CLC, CLE
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