1.5 L-CERPs + 1.5 CEUs

Confident and Competent: Understanding and Managing Low Supply in Private Practice

Kristin Cavuto, MSW, LCSW, IBCLC
Course description
This program will educate the lactation professional on all aspects of low supply. We will discuss the possible causes for low milk supply, the difference between primary and secondary low supply, how to increase supply when possible, how to supplement responsibly, and how to counsel the client with low milk supply. This information will be presented through a trauma informed and anti-bias lens. The practitioner will leave this class confident in their ability to assess and treat the client with low milk supply. 
Meet the Instructor

Kristin Cavuto, LCSW, IBCLC

"Low supply is my passion! I have IGT myself, and my nursing experience with low supply is what originally brought me into the field of lactation. Low supply is always a fascinating topic intellectually, and we have such a wonderful opportunity with low supply parents to really make a difference. Every lactation professional should deeply understand low supply, and I am so excited to share my speciality with all of you. I recommend my course on IGT, offered by Annie, as a complement to this course for those who want a deep dive on the subject." 
Kristin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and IBCLC in private practice in central NJ. Her practice specialties are low supply, maternal and infant mental health, and the intersection of ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender in the care of the new family. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Learners say 

This course is a must for all IBCLCs. Kristin's personal experience combined with her clinical expertise make for a thorough and engaging presentation. I watched it a second time to fine tune my notes.

Annmarie Hext, IBCLC

As an inpatient Nurse/IBCLC who only sees brand new babies, this lecture was incredibly helpful to wrap my brain around assessing and treating LMS when I start my private practice.Thank you!

Erin H Neuwald, RN, BSN, IBCLC

I learned so much from this speaker. The presentation was full of actionable information. I now have a great starting point to build on skills, particularly around endocrine causes of low milk supply and insulin resistance. I have been needing this!

Hannah RN, IBCLC

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Knowledge Gap

Many lactation professionals do not understand why low milk supply occurs, how to increase supply, how to assess supplementation needs and best practices for long term supplementation, or how to counsel the client with low milk supply. 



The learner will understand the possible causes of low milk supply.


The learner will be able to articulate best practices for management and supplementation.


The learner will understand the counseling skills needed with the low supply client.

IBLCE Content Outline

I. A. 1 Feeding behaviours at different ages
I. A. 3 Infant anatomy and anatomical/oral challenges
I. A. 6 Milk banking – formal and informal
I. A. 11 Term development and growth
I. A. 12 WHO growth charts with gestational age adjustment
I. B. 1 Breast development and growth
I. B. 2 Breast surgery
I. B. 4 Maternal anatomical challenges
II. 3 Maternal metabolic and hormonal disorders (e.g., thyroid, Polycystic
Ovarian Syndrome) 
III. B. 4 Maternal chronic disease
III. B. 6 Mastitis
III. B. 7 Milk supply, low or over
III. B. 8 Nipple and breast conditions
IV. 4 Galactogogues
V. 1 Transition to parenthood
V. 2 Birth practices
V. 6 Identifying support networks
V. 4 Employment – returning to work
V. 9 Mother-baby relationship
V. 12 Cultural competency
VI. 1 Effective milk transfer (including medically-indicated supplementation)
VI. 4 Managing supply
VI. 9 Test-weighing
VII A. 1 Feeding devices (e.g., tubes at breast, cups, syringes, teats)
VII. A. 3 Nipple devices (e.g., shields, everters)
VII. A. 5 Pumps
VII. A. 6 Scales
VII B. 1 Active listening
VII B. 2 Anticipatory guidance
VII B. 3 Care plan development and sharing
VII B. 5 Educating mothers and families
VII B. 8 Emotional support
VII B. 9 Empowerment

Course Lessons

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