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Clinical Complexities in Supplementing Babies

Because fed is just the beginning.

Are you ready to do more than just “check the latch?”

Inside Clinical Complexities in Supplementing Babies, you’ll get comprehensive training to become the kind of lactation consultant who can truly help everyone who comes your way.

On-demand + lifetime access

The families we’re seeing have complicated needs.

They need a lactation consultant who is more than a cheerleader for exclusive breastfeeding–whatever that even means.

To meet their needs, you need to know all the things.

Bottles. Pumps. At breast supplementers. Chestfeeding. Nursing Aversion. Formula. Fortifiers. Dysphagia. Gut Health. Co-Nursing. The WHO Code.

These words shouldn’t be scary, but if you don’t have skills in these areas, you’re constantly going to come up short.
And when that happens, families walk away feeling unheard, unsupported, and unvalidated.

Most importantly, they don’t meet their feeding goals.
Empty slogans don’t help anyone.

Skilled, compassionate, inclusive, collaborative, and goal centered care makes all the difference in the world.

Fed is just the beginning.


16 bundled trainings

Expert instructors focused on lactation private practice.


Supplementing Babies conference was thorough, engaging, enlightening, and ran a full, fearless gamut of how, when, and why to supplement babies. It was an important addition to my skillset as an IBCLC!

Adina Kopinsky, IBCLC

I have been introduced to so many topics of interest that now I've got to figure out how to get like 4 more certifications added to my name. I think that is the mark of a really well thought out and engaging conference. Would attend again! 

Julie Winter BSN IBCLC-RLC

IBCLCs and other lactation support team members need training like this to drive home how infant feeding truly isn't all-or-nothing — clients have widely varying situations that so often include some combination of direct nursing, bottles, pumping, and/or formula. Clinical Complexities in Supplementing Babies can empower lactation consultants to affirm and empower their clients as the expert caregivers for their babies.

Katie Ward, IBCLC, MSEd

The Clinical Complexities in Supplementing Babies Conference is a must-watch for any new or experienced IBCLC. This conference clarified many areas of confusion for me and greatly increased my confidence in providing competent, evidence-based care to supplementing families. 

Hannah Johnson, BSN, RN, IBCLC

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