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Earn CERPs while building your dream private practice with these selected Lactation Private Practice Essential Course modules. Watch on-demand as many times as you like!
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21 CERPs for private practice.

Learn the exact skills you need to serve families in your community from birth through weaning and everything in between!

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"This course is amazing. Provided a great outlook on the new findings of today and lifestyles and how to approach them in a positive manner."
— Lisa McComb, MBA, RD, CSP, LD, IBCLC 
“LPPEC is such a well-designed course. It was just what I needed to help me gain the confidence to dive into private practice. Thanks to the entire team for sharing your knowledge.  ” 
—  Cindy Terranova, M.S.Ed, IBCLC, CPDT, CD, CBE
“Great speakers and Information. This has helped with getting my private practice up and running. ”
— Rebekah Lewis BSN, RN IBCLC
LPPEC Foundations: 21 CERPs
"I have been an RN for over 15 years and an IBCLC for 7 years in the hospital setting. I only recently decided I wanted to become an entrepreneur, and until I took this course, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I am so glad I know now and am so optimistic about the future. Thank you for this amazing course, as well as the opportunity to receive a scholarship. This will not only benefit me, but it will benefit the future IBCLC’s I plan to make this field more accessible to. I feel like I will be a better IBCLC and a better mentor because of this course."
Leslie Owens, RN IBCLC
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